Explore the benefits of a fully immersive virtual replica of your project spaces. Visualise site conditions, streamline documentation and share with multiple stakeholders.


Improve your bottom line and operational efficiency in 2021 with a virtual site solution.


Creating A Virtual Site Solution

Unleash the power of virtual expereinces. 

  • Project Documentation: We create fully immersive digital replicas of your project sites to help you consolidate documentation and replace the need for hundreds of photos. The virtual tours will be a massive help in maintaining records and accessing records before, during and after your projects. 

  • Remote Inspections: The virtual tours can be accessed by various departments within 24 hours of capture. This allows your team to remotely visit and inspect a project site and collaborate and plan remotely.

What Is Included In Our Virtual Site Solution?

All of these assets can be deliverd within 24-48 hours of capture

360-degrees (2)
360 virtual tour model of project site
Communication Platform
virtual-reality (2)
Virtual Reality Experience
Floor Plans & Reflected Celing Plans
photography (2)
Professional Photography


Product Features & Highlights

Creating the best viewing experience possible.

  • Information hot spots can be attached to any area of the digital twin environment. This helps us replicate existing project site in a virtual environment. This can be accessed by your various departments to access important information.

  • Important documentation such specific project goals, deliverables, tasks, costs and deadlines can be attached to the virtual environment. This allows your team to revisit areas when needed in the virtual environment and get the information they need. This can be updated throughout the duration of the project and can be linked to your project management software. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 16.20.44

The live guided viewing feature is the most effective way to virtually show customers around.

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These feature add extra value to your tour. You can be virtually guided around the location.

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Hot spots placed throughout the tour give viewers information about the location

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Share the tour to your marketing channels or with customers, staff or shareholders.

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Want To Explore This Option Further?

If you want to discuss the potential benefits that this solution could add to your business, book a call with us today.


What Benefits Can This Bring?

Virtual tour solutions can improve all aspects of your workflow if implemented correctly

  • improves efficiency
Pre-Planning Stage

We capture the project site for as-built projects to reduce site visits. We provide all of the forms of media listed above and a platform to easily manage it. This reduces the need the for multiple site visits as your team has a digital replica of the project site.

Planning Stage

Easily access and share all of the content through your own platform and communicate and collaborate will multiple stakeholders through the interactive viewing experiences. This allows you to more efficiently and effectively discuss changes, progress and next steps/phases.

3d-cube (1)
Post Project Stage

You can easily access the project details within the platform. No need for hundreds of photos and documents as you have easy access to it all in one place! You have an exact virtual replica of your project and can also include the virtual content in your handover package to your clients.


Our Four Step Delivery Process

Our delivery process ensures that we deliver the right solution for your business.

1. Consultation

We discuss options and pricing & create a proposal

We will discuss your business goals and how the virtual solution can enhance your current operations and offer you new opportunities. We will then put together a proposal with different options for you to review.

2. Shoot

We complete the virtual tour shoot at your location

We will conduct the shoot at a scheduled time & date and can complete the shoot when there is less people at your location. We will send you the pre-shoot checklist so you can ensure your location is presented as you would like. 

3. Creation

We process the content to create the experience

After the shoot we will process the content to create the virtual experience. We will add in the features we have discussed to highlight the uniqueness of your location. You can review the tour(s) and request changes.

4. Delivery

We integrate the content with your channels.

We will set up access for multiple departments so they can get access to the content through a secure portal. This will be accompanied by custom implementation guides to ensure a smooth handover process.

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